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Plate Information for rb16196

Observatory NameBloemfontein
W. Longitude (deg)-26.4042
Latitude (deg)-29.0383
Aperture (m)0.075
Scale (arcsec/mm)395.5
Telescope3-inch Ross Fecker
Plate Class L

Plate Exposure Information
Exposure Number0
Exposure Time (minutes) 120.00
Right Ascension05:31:46.362
Geocentric Date1949-04-03T18:14:25.2
JD: 2433010.26001
Heliocentric Date1949-04-03T18:14:09.3
HJD: 2433010.25983
Plate Center SourceimWCS
Date SourceLogbook
Exposure Notes
Time Accuracy (days)0.0007

Raw Logbook Data -
Exposure Number0
Exposure Time (minutes)120
Right Ascension5 26
DateApr 3-4 1949
Exposure Start Time7 47
Exposure Stop Time9 47
Exposure Hour Angle2 21 W
Logbook Remark
Logbook Notes
Error Type

No plate condition records present in the stacks database.

Plate Events Table
DateVersion IDPicked StatusStack LocationEvent NotesValid
2010-11-07T13:24:301Jacket JPEGyes
2010-11-07T13:30:101Plate JPEGyes
2014-07-30T15:24:201Hand Cleanedyes

Scan Data
Full MosaicFull mosaic downloads are not supported because of their size (> 700 MB each).
Scan Number0
Mosaic Number0
Scan Date2010-11-18T20-56-14
Average Tile ADU2123
Average Tile Saturation (pixels)2
Maximum Tile Saturation (pixels)30
Scan Comment
Mosaic Comment
Mosaic Binning01,16
WCS Fit SolutionAvailable
Mosaic Rotation180