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Plate Information for rb16196

Observatory NameBloemfontein
W. Longitude (deg)-26.4042
Latidude (deg)-29.0383
Aperture (m)0.075
Scale (arcsec/mm)395.5
Telescope3-inch Ross Fecker
Plate Class L
Photograph of the Plate JacketView the Plate Jacket (2.4MB).
Photograph of Plate AnnotationsView the Plate Annotations (2.6MB).
Plate Exposure Information
Exposure Number0
Exposure Time (minutes) 120.00
Right Ascension05:31:46.362
Geocentric Date1949-04-03T18:14:25.2
JD: 2433010.26001
Heliocentric Date1949-04-03T18:14:09.3
HJD: 2433010.25983
Plate Center SourceimWCS
Date SourceLogbook
Exposure Notes
Time Accuracy (days)0.0007
Raw Logbook Data - View the Logbook Page (0.5MB)
Exposure Number0
Exposure Time (minutes)120
Right Ascension5 26
DateApr 3-4 1949
Exposure Start Time7 47
Exposure Stop Time9 47
Exposure Hour Angle2 21 W
Logbook Remark
Logbook Notes
Error Type
No plate condition records present in the stacks database.
Plate Events Table -
Version ID1111
Picked StatusJacket JPEGPlate JPEGScannedHand Cleaned
Stack Location
Event Notes
Scan Data
Binned Plate ThumbnailView the Thumbnail as JPEG or FITS
Full MosaicFull mosaic downloads are not supported because of their size (> 700 MB each).
Image 0.375 deg radius at 84.675 deg RA -69.1000 deg DEC J2000View the JPEG Image
Scan Number0
Mosaic Number0
Scan Date2010-11-18T20-56-14
Average Tile ADU2123
Average Tile Saturation (pixels)2
Maximum Tile Saturation (pixels)30
Scan Comment
Mosaic Comment
Mosaic Binning01,16
WCS Fit SolutionAvailable
Mosaic Rotation180