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Plate Information for ai42066

Observatory NameDona Ana, NM
W. Longitude (deg)106.755664
Latitude (deg)32.291441
Aperture (m)0.038
Scale (arcsec/mm)1360
TelescopePatrol cameras
Plate ClassL
Photograph(s) of the Plate JacketView the plate jacket (8.5 MiB).
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Photograph(s) of Plate and AnnotationsView the plate photo (21.5 MiB).
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Plate Exposure Information
Exposure Number0
Exposure Time (minutes) 32.00
Right Ascension23:57:28.800
Geocentric Date1949-08-17T08:21:00.0
JD: 2433145.84792
Heliocentric Date1949-08-17T08:27:02.3
HJD: 2433145.85211
Plate Center SourceimWCS
Date SourceLogbook
Exposure Notes
Time Accuracy (days)0.0007

Raw Logbook Data - View the logbook page
Exposure Number0
Exposure Time (minutes)32
Right Ascension
DateAug 16-17 1949
Exposure Start Time01 05
Exposure Stop Time01 37
Exposure Hour Angle1 05 E
Logbook Remark
Logbook Notes
Error Type

No plate condition records present in the stacks database.

Plate Events Table
DateVersion IDPicked StatusStack LocationEvent NotesValid
2019-01-31T14-54-551Plate JPEGyes
2019-01-31T14-55-011Jacket JPEGyes

Scan Data
Binned Plate Thumbnailsorry, the binned mosaic (3 MiB) is not available due to temporary data access restrictions
Full Mosaicsorry, the full mosaic (732 MiB) is not available due to temporary data access restrictions
Image 0.055556 deg radius at 0.000000 deg RA 0.000000 deg DEC J2000sorry, the cutout is not available due to temporary data access restrictions
Scan Number0
Mosaic Number0
Scan Date2019-02-04T09-32-14
Average Tile ADU1967
Average Tile Saturation (pixels)1575
Maximum Tile Saturation (pixels)30626
Scan Comment
Mosaic Comment
Mosaic Binning01,16
WCS Fit SolutionAvailable
Mosaic Rotation0