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Plate Series

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We do not expect access to our scanning and lightcurve database until the campus reopens. Please monitor Plan for a Safe Campus Reopening for the latest information concerning the return of faculty, staff, and researchers to campus.

Plates are cataloged by plate series and plate number. Each series typically represents a single telescope although some series, notably the "mb" series consists of data from multiple telescopes. Telescopes were occasionally moved to other observatories depending on observational goals.

The following table represents all of the Harvard plate series currently in the database.

The plate scale, if available, comes from Jessica Mink's WCS fitting algorithm. Otherwise, the scale comes from archive records. The values provided here are not definitive for early "mc" plates before the objective was refigured, and for the multiple-telescope "mb" series.

There are currently 79 series in the database.

Plate Series Table
SeriesAperture (m)Scale (arcsec/mm)Telescope
a0.66024-inch Bruce Doublet
ab0.06355902.5-inch Ross Portrait Lens
ac0.0386001.5-inch Cooke Lenses
acmiscac-b logbook. No plates.
aco0.02546001 in Cook Lens #832 Series renamed from ac-a
adh0.766832-36 inch BakerSchmidt 10 1/2 inch round Armagh-Dunsink-Harvard
ai0.0381200Patrol cameras
ak0.0386001.5 in Cooke "Long Focus"
al0.0381200Cooke Short Focus
am0.0386001-inch, 1.5-inch Cooke Lenses
anNew Cooke Lens
ax0.0767003 inch Ross-Tessar Lens
ay0.0667002.6-inch Zeiss-Tessar
ayroe0.1522.6-inch Zeiss-Tessar
b0.21798-inch Bache Doublet, Voigtlander, reworked by Clark
bc0.40616-inch Boller & Chivens
bi0.03812001.5 inch Ross (short focus)
bm0.075384.143-inch Ross
bo0.06358002.5 inch Voigtlander (Little Bache or "Bachito")
br0.22098-inch Brashear Lens
c0.38411-inch Draper Refractor
ca0.06356002.5 inch Cooke Lens
ctio418Cerro Tololo 4 meter
darnor890Darlot Lens North
darsou890Darlot Lens South
dnb0.042580Damons North Blue
dnr0.042580.45Damons North Red
dny0.042578.01Damons North Yellow
dsb0.042580Damons South Blue
dsr0.042580Damons South Red
dsy0.042580Damons South Yellow
ee0.1023404-inch Voightlander Lens
er0.0763903-inch Elmer Ross
fa0.03812001.5-inch Ross-Xpress
h0.66024-inch Clark Reflector
hslHenrietta Leavitt Logbooks. No plates.
i0.2163.248-inch Draper Doublet, Voistlander Reworked by Clark
ir0.2164.038-inch Ross Lundin
j0.69824-33 in Jewett Schmidt
jdar0.0765603-inch Darlot (Series renamed from j)
m0.1275-in Voightlander Transit Photometer
ma0.393.5712-inch Metcalf Doublet
mb0.1390.514-inch Cooke (1-327), 6-inch (328-1776) 3-inch Ross Lundin (2388-2722)
mc0.497.84116-inch Metcalf Doublet (Refigured after 3500)
md0.11934-inch Cooke Lens
mf0.2516710-inch Metcalf Triplet
miscLogbook Only. Pages without plates.
nTransit Photometer
na7.5-inch Cooke/Clark Refractor
nviewsLandscapes and views (Series renamed from n)
pEclipse Plates
qEmulsion and Lens Tests
qaEmulsion and Lens Tests
qbEmulsion and Lens Tests
r0.0753903-inch Ross Fecker
rb0.075395.973-inch Ross Fecker
rh0.075391.653-inch Ross Fecker
rl0.12904-inch Ross Lundin
s1.5226.360 inch Common
sb1.52660-inch Rockefeller Reflector
sh1.52661-inch Wyeth Reflector
solarSolar (Series Discarded)
spSpectrum SH Plates
sqSB Spectrum Plates
tSky Photometer
vqHeinrich VQ (Spectrograph)
wSlit Spectrograph
waCooke Lens #11366 (Westarn Association)
wwHeinrich Camera Lens
x0.3421.5-inch Photoheliograph
y0.2038-inch Clark Doublet
z0.3313-inch Boyden Refractor (spectrum plates)